Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have been photographing the word LOVE for years.
Finding the word LOVE and photographing it in all sorts of places has become another gratitude booster for me. Always a fusion of joy when I least expect it!
As my "collection"of Love photos grows, so do my DIY crafts and gifts with them. 
Spray painted LOVE in an alley in Santa Fe, New Mexico
This one I wrote in the sand and created Valentine cards.

A hanging Love ornament at a garden gift shop.
Love Magnet
A super cool T-Shirt
According to Robert Emmons (a leading scientific expert on gratitude) cultivating daily gratitude has these benefits: stronger immune system, more joy, more compassion, appreciation for the present moment, blocks toxic and negative emotions, a higher sense of self worth- just to name a few.
Have a wonderful day!