Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Landscape with Color

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Vibrant colors and easy care make succulents and euphorbias fabulous winter plants in Southern California. Photos below come from my backyard today. All of these plants work well planted in pots with well draining soil such as cactus mix.
Potted succulents at my doorstep include the Black Rose Aeonium, Paddle Plant (Kalanchoe luciae) and Sedum varieties. These all make great container plants.

Above photo is a Aeonium will flower in the spring and summer. It is considered a low shrub. This one is planted amidst several varieties of aloe.

One of my favorite winter color Euphorbias is this Firestick - Euphorbia tirucalli. This plant is native to South Africa and shows off its colors best when the weather is cold.
A mixture of Crassula, Sedum and Delosperma succulents work great on the edges of retaining walls. As the succulents mature it is easy to make cuttings for smaller containers or additional plantings.

Beautiful Garden Color Keeps Me Smiling All Winter Long!

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