Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sweet Peas

In Southern California coastal region we are in the last month to plant Sweet Peas according to Renee's Seeds advice. I’ve had great luck planting these fragrant beauties in raised planters, along fences and in small containers for the patio. This is an easy to grow flower and purchasing from quality seed companies makes a difference. 

♥  Some helpful hints for planting sweet peas  ♥

 Soak the seeds over night to soften the hard seed coat prior to planting.
♥ Plant seeds 3″- 6″ apart and 1″ deep in a sunny location. Morning sun works best.
♥ Sweat Peas need a trellis, string or twine to grow and climb (unless you purchase the bush type).
♥ They make a great cut flower. Cut frequently for a heavier production.
 Use a thin top layer of mulch to retain moisture.
♥ Plant Sweet Peas in cool weather months.
♥ Heirloom or Open Pollinated/ Self -pollinated sweet peas will grow from saved seeds. Allow the plants to dry out while still planted in the ground and then collect the seeds from the pods. Store in containers in a cool and dry place.

Soaking Sweet Peas over night in a dish of water help them sprout more quickly.
Planting Sweet Peas in containers works well. Create a support for the vines.

Last season- trellised Sweet Peas