Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This beach craft was just as much fun for kids as it was for the adults. Great idea for a camping trip or day at the beach. Crowds will begin to form as people who pass by will want to join in the fun!
Plaster from a craft store: buy several boxes.
Mixing bowl and spoon- or beach bucket
Paint brush for smooth off sand after it dries.
String, shells, dried lavender flowers, or any extra decoration you want to add to the craft.
(Place a string at the top with a loop and allow to dry - it is an instant hanger already attached).
Allow the plaster to completely dry (about 30 minutes) before removing
Create your project in a dense area of sand... near the seashore where the sand is a bit moist.
Create any type of mold in the sand... a flower, a sea start, a handprint, etc.
A Sea Star here with a little lavender flowers placed first
 Here we have a hand print mold
- Dried Lavender Flowers were placed in the mold before pouring plaster
A small bowl, a smiley face and a sea star forms

-create some fun words in the sand and use the saved photo for a future greeting card-