Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to Plant Pumpkins

Can it really be time for planting pumpkins? YES!

 I recommend trying the Cinderella's Carriage which in Southern California can be planted by seed April through June. Plant in Full Sun with a distance of 3 feet between seeds. They reach 18-35 pounds and are deep orange-red. I purchased these from Renee's seeds and in the past have had great success.

According to Renee's Seeds, "We import seed for this big gorgeous heirloom pumpkin from its original French breeder who maintains the best centuries-old strain, still beloved in European markets. Cinderella's Carriage is our name for this large, thick-fleshed selection that looks exactly like the original in the old-fashioned illustrations of the magical fairy tale coach."

Last year my Cinderella Pumpkin at 5 pounds- still growing

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