Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Borage in the Garden

Borage: An aromatic herb with beautiful blue flowers. Blossoms are edible and the young leaves of a borage plant can be used in salads, or use the same as cabbage. Blossoms can also be dried or used fresh as a garnish, in ice cubes, cake decorating, cocktails, or candied. They can also be used in potpourri. Borage is rich in minerals and potassium and can be used in soups and stews, cooked or raw.
I harvested a huge amount of Borage last weekend and dried the flowers and saved them for many future uses. These photos below are from my raised planters.

Planter Bed full of Borage
Blue Borage Flower- these look great in ice cubes
Bee on Borage Flower

Set up for Drying with MicroFleur Microwave Flower Press
MicroFleur product for drying herbs and flowers

All Done- Dried and Stored for future use