Friday, March 1, 2013

Ocean Theme Terrarium- Do it Yourself

DIY: Creating Beach Theme Terrariums

Supplies Needed:

* Large Glass Decorative Container (I got mine at Pier 1)
* Horticultural Sand
* Horticultural Charcoal
* Sheet Moss
* Tillandsia- learn more about this plant...- (Tillandsia Plants)
* Succulents
* Seashells, marbles, sea glass and ocean decorations

Layered assembly starts from the bottom of the container with Charcoal, Sand, Sheet Moss, More Sand, Plants, Decorative Shells. This is such an easy project and looks elegant and beautiful anywhere indoors or outside. Layers of potting soil can also be used for less drought tolerant plants. Water once a week with a small spray bottle or drip water on to each plant. 

Beach Theme Terrarium
Top View